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Nov 09

The Truth About Hoarders by Alison Hector ©

 The Truth About Hoarders Recently there have been a rash of shows and discussions about animal hoarders. You would think they are legion with one on every corner. According to ASPCA, Peta and HSUS they are on the rise and the embodiment of many rescues. Even though they are quite fascinating, nothing could be further …

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Apr 21

The Truth About Pet Pardons – Scotlund Haisley

 MORE Pet Pardons Scandals. Did you ever notice how Pet Pardons 99% of the time only raises money for their friends? ( And two of three of their friends also are principals of Pet Pardons. Lucky Dog Rescue and Horse Plus Humane) So in essence Pet Pardons benefits from the money raised for their friends. …

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