Jan 23

Fulton County Proposes Ending Animal Services for Fulton Cities

In a stunning memo on January 8th David Ware, the Interim County Manager revealed his recommendation plans to the Commission. None of them made sense.The options are:

1. To reject both proposals and re solicit proposals with changes designed to get more bidders.

– Other solid non profits have not stepped up other than LifeLine in the two attempts made to re-solicit animal services and therefore they will not magically appear when a new bid is opened either. As far as making changes to increase bidders that is a huge red flag for our animals well being. The more permissive the animal welfare requirements and non-esoteric the request for proposal is the less suited the bidders will become. Or it could be crafted to deter or prevent a solid non profit organization like LifeLine too. Not good.

2. To take Animal Control and Service in house.

-Tony Phillips has been hankering to do that since August 2012 *for some reason* that remains unknown. This is not a sound recommendation and would be even more of a disaster than we have already had for these many REASONS.

– Part of the *some reasons* behind proposing going inhouse could be an easier segue into the County Manager’s third wildly short sighted and soon to be unpopular recommendation:

3. Disband all services with the exception of rabies monitoring to all cities when the contract is up for renewal at the end of June this year. Yes you read that right and no the 14 cities are not yet aware that they may be left with no shelter, no adoptions, and no pet pick up or reclaim possible for lost pets. MORE on how detrimental and illogical this proposal is HERE

These three recommendations would be absurd under any conditions but especially when there is an organization that is perfect for the task of taking over animal services right before them. That organization is of course the non profit  LifeLine and one favored by many constituents because of their solid ten year history in animal welfare and compassionate sheltering.

In an earlier memo the County Attorney David Ware who also is acting as the County Manager noted that LifeLine is ranked number one over Siwel but they were still investigating them to see if somehow they caused the petition and ensuing emails. Everyone knows petadvocatesnetwork.org originated the petition and is not affliated with LifeLine. Alison Hector wrote the petition and is an officer of the court. She has already told the Commissioners she and her organization Pet Advocates Network have no affiliation with LifeLine. Furthermore, in the two weeks of their “investigation” into this they have never contacted Ms. Hector nor Pet Advocates Network.Could this just be an excuse by the County Attorney/County Manager to disqualify them?

Why doesn’t the County Manager/Attorney’s Office see this has issue is very heated and has been a slow boil in the making? Citizens are merely expressing frustration and for good reason. A real solution is within our grasp and we don’t want to see it slip away or get an even worse alternative for FCAS than we have now. Precious lives are at stake. Why don’t they get it?

People have been getting exasperated and disgusted with FCAS for a long time beginning in recent times with Randy Travis’s exposes. Now we have a chance to have a progressive shelter run by a compassionate experienced non-profit with a goal of saving all healthy and treatable animals v a FOR PROFIT without animal welfare background run by a former director with an extremely high kill rate of over 80%. Most of the animals in the shelters are simply citizens lost pets. In a nationwide survey most people consider their pets family members and akin to children. This was a case of extremes and many people have had positive experiences with LifeLine over ten years. Why wouldn’t they email the decision makers?

It is our right as citizens to express our concerns, wants and provide information to decision makers prior to a decision being made. We have a vested interest in both seeing how our tax dollars and lost pets are treated. We won’t accept Siwel, don’t want the County to take animal services inhouse, and we insist upon Lifeline for solid reasons. All those emails? That is a benefit of living in a free country and the people have spoken. Shame on you County Attorney’s Office if you disqualify LifeLine.

* All artwork generously donated by our friends at anactofdog.org a project to end shelter deaths. Please visit and support them.