Jan 19

Fox 5 Randy Travis Update on FCAS 1/17/13 Historic Lobbying Effort


Randy Travis continues his series of reports on Fulton County Animal Services. As Pet Advocates Network alerted you – the County is trying to find a reason to disqualify LifeLine. The County was informed numerous times that LifeLine did not generate the petition nor resulting emails. The new information is they are also wanting to reject the other bidder The Siwel Group. The good news is that LifeLine is the top ranked bidder. The bad news is the County seems bent on taking animal services inhouse with the option of disbanding service to the 14 Fulton cities upon renewal of their contracts in June! Do the cities realize this yet? They all pay for this service so they too should have a say in the provider. We are proud of this “historic lobbying effort” that could not have been successful without the multitude of tax paying citizens expressing their concern on an issue of utmost importance. Shame on the county for not recognizing how much and why this issue is important enough for many to speak out on behalf of the provider that won’t take their lost pets for granted and will provide the best service for homeless animals without a voice.


Artwork generously provided by our friends at www.anactofdog.org with a mission to end all shelter deaths. Please check them out and support them.