Jan 07

Reasons Fulton County Must Choose Lifeline Over Siwel

REASONS to insist the Fulton County Commissioners select LifeLine:

  • LifeLine has 10 years of experience in humane sheltering in the Atlanta area.

  • LifeLine already performs veterinary services under a contract with DeKalb County Animal Services.

  • Executive Director Rebecca Guinn is a nationally recognized animal welfare hero and was recently honored by DeKalb County CEO W. Burrell Ellis, Jr. for a decade of work in animal advocacy and rescue when May 17 was proclaimed “Rebecca Guinn Day” in DeKalb County.

  • LifeLine is an expert at improving municipal animal shelters, and counties such as Douglas have hired LifeLine to perform shelter evaluations.

  • LifeLine has partnered with DeKalb County to drastically lower the euthanasia rate for cats.

  • LifeLine’s non-profit status allows it to collect tax-deductible donations and grants and attract volunteers.

  • LifeLine has already successfully procured and managed millions of dollars in grants and donations.

  • LifeLine has an impressive board of directors, including public servants and a Zoo Atlanta director.

  • LifeLine operates two low-cost spay/neuter clinics in DeKalb and Fulton and has performed over 65,000 surgeries.

  • LifeLine has the track record, personnel and resources to accomplish our animal welfare goals.

  • REASONS why are our animals are in danger with the other bidder, The Siwel Group LC:
    • Siwel is a for-profit company with zero background in animal welfare affiliated with Ron Totten.
    • In 2003, Ron Totten left FCAS in disgrace after the community became aware of his record of killing over 80% of the pets in his care and other deplorable conditions during his tenure as shelter director.
    • Totten made an unsuccessful bid to takeover the shelter in 2003 when he used a shill for-profit company, Synergy Management Systems, LLC, to try to get back into power. Synergy had only a Mailboxes Etc. address and was organized by a cosmetologist friend of Totten.
    • Totten’s company was actually recommended as the FCAS vendor in 2003, allegedly due to cronyism and back door politics.
    • Ron Totten was quoted in Atlanta Magazine discussing euthanasia performed “30 times a day” under his “care” and “brightened” over the prospect of getting his own incinerator to cremate the pets at the shelter instead of transporting them to landfills.
    • Totten’s entire adoption strategy consisted of picking a few puppies out and calling Atlanta Humane Society to see if they might want them. The rest were killed. When asked how he determined whose lives he would spare from the mass euthanasia he performed daily, he said, “I don’t know how to describe it. I guess you would call it ‘cuteness.’”

    Our voiceless animals deserve this chance to have a humane progressive shelter, in our world class city, instead of a disgrace.