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For GA Rescues – URGENT Email Regarding Fulton County Animal Services

 URGENT RE: Fulton County Animal Services

As a rescue we know the fate of shelter pets is of utmost concern to you.

Right now the fate and well being of shelter pets hangs in the balance in Fulton County, GA.

Luckily you can help them all and for once it won’t cost anything other than a phone call and/or an email from you plus sharing the info with your supporters on Facebook and on your website if you can.

At this very moment the County has a decision to make on whom to select to provide Animal Control and sheltering services. They have before them two bids to replace Barking Hound and can decide at any time!

One is a horribly regressive option, a for profit group not in animal welfare that is affiliated with Ron Totten, the director who killed over 80% of the pets in his care and was reviled for his lack of compassionate leadership during his past tenure. His past suggests he will be anything but rescue friendly.

The other is a renowned lifesaving ten year old non profit animal welfare organization, well loved and respected by many rescues called LifeLine Animal Project. LifeLine is headed by Rebecca Guinn who is nationally recognized as a hero to animals. Rebecca is also an attorney and as you may know she wrote the legislation that banned gas chambers in GA. Dekalb county has even proclaimed a “Rebecca Guinn Day” to honor all of her and LifeLine’s animal welfare efforts including a focus on mass low cost spay neuter initiatives.

Complete details regarding the situation and both groups here .

You can help save many lives immediately by simply letting Fulton County know they must choose LifeLine. If they hear from enough people and also voters that will sway them.

Ron Totten via a for profit group made a bid to take over the shelter previously and the County wanted to give it to him despite his hideous record. It was only due to the public outcry that resulted from the efforts of rescue groups that his group did not get the bid!

Dates and address of Commission meetings where people can speak, suggested easy email and phone scripts plus contact info here .

Without your support we fear they will choose Ron Totten’s group again. Please don’t let that happen. The shelter pets are counting on you.

Please do feel free to share with us any resulting responses from the County or encouragement from your supporters you may receive.

Thanks again for your efforts in advance.


Pet Advocates Network



Twitter @petadvocatesnet

Our Humanity is defined by the sanctity of life we accord those we have the power to harm but choose to nurture.” Alison Hector

Artwork generously provided by www.anactofdog.org – an organization dedicated to saving all shelter pets.

http://www.change.org/petitions/fulton-county-government-select-lifeline-animal-project-to-run-fulton-county-animal-services  PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION RIGHT NOW!

Update: *Video* Alison Hector At Fulton Commissioners Meeting 1/9/2013

Watch Alison Hector,Esq. inform the Commissioners about this petition and why LifeLine is the only competent choice to gain the bid for animal services.


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  1. Salena Merrick

    Fulton Co, PLEASE chose LIFELINE ANIMAL PROJECT. These sweet animals deserve a chance at a happy life, not death. LIFELINE is the best answer, NOT Ron Totten…Thank you, Salena Merrick

    1. admin

      Thank you for your support but this wonderful comment needs to go to the Commissioners and decision makers.

    2. admin

      Selena here is the petition for you to sign. Thanks!

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