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In Fulton County, Georgia, a vote on a new provider for Animal Services is imminent.

WE MUST ACT NOW because the formal contract with the previous provider is over and our animals are in danger.

Are you tired of : Your tax dollars in Fulton County going to the killing of our lost, healthy and adoptable pets? Paying for failure to reunite pets with owners? Mismanagement of funds?

http://www.change.org/petitions/fulton-county-government-select-lifeline-animal-project-to-run-fulton-county-animal-services  PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION RIGHT NOW!

Recently, Fulton County reopened the bid for Animal Services. Two organizations answered the request for proposals. One is a progressive, renowned, dedicated, non-profit animal welfare organization, LifeLine Animal Project, and the other is a for-profit company called The Siwel Group, LC, with zero experience in animal welfare that promises a return to the dark ages of disastrous, regressive sheltering with Ron Totten affiliated and as the prospective shelter director.


Lifeline Animal Project has been in existence for over 10 years and a leader in progressive sheltering and spay-neuter initiatives in Atlanta. Rebecca Guinn is the Executive Director of LifeLine and is nationally recognized as an animal welfare hero. Rebecca is has dedicated her life to humane treatment for companion animals. Also skilled as an attorney, she wrote the legislation that ultimately banned the use of gas chambers in Georgia shelters.

The community must speak up now and demand that the Fulton County Commissioners select Lifeline, the provider that will work toward the goal of saving all healthy and treatable animals and servicing all County animal welfare needs.

REASONS to insist the Commissioners select LifeLine:

  • LifeLine has 10 years of experience in humane sheltering in the Atlanta area.

  • LifeLine already performs veterinary services under a contract with DeKalb County Animal Services.

  • Executive Director Rebecca Guinn was recently honored by DeKalb County CEO W. Burrell Ellis, Jr. for a decade of work in animal advocacy and rescue when May 17 was proclaimed“Rebecca Guinn Day”in DeKalb County.

  • LifeLine is an expert at improving municipal animal shelters, and counties such as Douglas have hired LifeLine to perform shelter evaluations.

  • LifeLine has partnered with DeKalb County to drastically lower the euthanasia rate for cats.

  • LifeLine’s non-profit status allows it to collect tax-deductible donations and grants and attract volunteers.

  • LifeLine has already successfully procured and managed millions of dollars in grants and donations.

  • LifeLine has an impressive board of directors, including public servants and a Zoo Atlanta director.

  • LifeLine operates two low-cost spay/neuter clinics in DeKalb and Fulton and has performed over 65,000 surgeries.

  • LifeLine has the track record, personnel and resources to accomplish our animal welfare goals.

REASONS why are our animals are in danger with the other bidder, The Siwel Group LC:

  • Siwel is a for-profit company with zero background in animal welfare affiliated with Ron Totten.
  • In 2003, Ron Totten left FCAS in disgrace after the community became aware of his record of killing over 80% of the pets in his care and other deplorable conditions during his tenure as shelter director.
  • Totten made an unsuccessful bid to takeover the shelter in 2003 when he used a shill for-profit company, Synergy Management Systems, LLC, to try to get back into power. Synergy had only a Mailboxes Etc. address and was organized by a cosmetologist friend of Totten.
  • Totten’s company was actually recommended as the FCAS vendor in 2003, allegedly due to cronyism and back door politics.
  • Ron Totten was quoted in Atlanta Magazine discussing euthanasia performed “30 times a day” under his “care” and “brightened” over the prospect of getting his own incinerator to cremate the pets at the shelter instead of transporting them to landfills.
  • Totten’s entire adoption strategy consisted of picking a few puppies out and calling Atlanta Humane Society to see if they might want them. The rest were killed. When asked how he determined whose lives he would spare from the mass euthanasia he performed daily, he said, “I don’t know how to describe it. I guess you would call it ‘cuteness.’”
  • Under Ron Totten’s leadership, the vast majority of all animals (over 80%) were systematically killed after only 3 days without ever being put up for adoption! The public was literally not allowed into the shelter to even adopt an animal. 
  • When Totten, using Synergy, bid to run FCAS in 2003, he proposed reducing staff, cutting training programs, halving the hours the shelter was open to the public for adoptions, and killing pets prior to the expiration of their County-mandated minimum hold time if it suited him.
  • Totten holds no professional or college degrees and hasn’t worked in animal welfare since 2003, but instead has been working at a tax return preparation company.
  • Totten has a history of proposing to eliminate services and simply catching and killing the majority of our lost pets.
  • Siwel is a FOR-PROFIT organization and intends to profit off of the homeless and neglected pets of our city.
  • Be Forewarned – A FOR PROFIT company like Siwel has one incentive – to make money and not the welfare of our pets. They could decide it is more profitable to sell our pets bodies to labs instead of trying to find the owners or rehoming them!
  • A For Profit will lose opportunities for more funding via donations/grants = loss of more services

Our voiceless animals deserve this chance to have a humane progressive shelter, in our world class city, instead of a disgrace. Zachary Williams, outgoing County Manager, and the Commissioners have stated they wanted to award the contract to a more humane organization, but selecting Siwel will be a return to an inhumane debacle just as when Ron Totten was in charge ten years ago.

100’s of communities across the country now have modern life affirming shelters. A movie will be released in March regarding this successful type of modern shelter that LifeLine can provide. Atlanta needs to move forward not backwards and choose the only obvious competent provider, LifeLine.

PLEASE share, call and write the decision makers and Commissioners immediately.

You can forward this letter and/or use suggested emails and phone scripts.

Remind them that you are a taxpayer and that YOU DO VOTE. 

The meetings of the Commissioners are held in the Assembly Hall on the ground floor of the Fulton County Government Center, 141 Pryor Street, and the next four will take place on the following dates: Jan. 23, Feb. 6, and Feb. 20.



Interim County Manager, R. David Ware, 404-612-0246,

Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance:
Felicia Strong-Whitaker, Interim Director, 404-612-7981/4204,
Charles Leonard, Chief Purchasing Agent, 404-612-5823,


Department of Planning & Community Services:
Randy Beck, Director, 404-612-8053, Randy.Beck@fultoncountyga.gov
Tony Phillips, Assistant Director, 404-612-5347, Tony.Phillips@fultoncountga.gov


John H. Eaves, PH.D., Chairman, District 1 (at large),
john.eaves@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8206
Robb Pitts, District 2 (at large), robb.pitts@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8210
Liz Hausmann, District 3, liz.hausmann@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8213
Tom Lowe, District 4, tom.lowe@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8218
Emma I. Darnell, Commission Vice Chair, District 5,
emma.darnell@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8222
Joan P. Garner, District 6, joan.garner@fultoncountyga.gov

, 404-612-8226
William “Bill” Edwards, District 7,
commissioner.edwards@fultoncountyga.gov, 404-612-8230

You can also contact members of the PRESS who have been reporting on Fulton County Animal Services:

Randy Travis randy.travis@foxtv.com

David Wickert dwickert@ajc.com

Visit www.petadvocatesnetwork.org for more information and the latest updates.

* Artwork generously contributed by anactofdog.org – dedicated to saving the lives of all shelter pets.

Update: *Video* Alison Hector At Fulton Commissioners Meeting 1/9/2013

Watch Alison Hector,Esq. inform the Commissioners about this petition and why LifeLine is the only competent choice to gain the bid for animal services.




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  1. Richard Knox

    Please choose and vote for Lifeline Animal Project as the new provider for Animal services. They are proven in positive and long experience, proficiency, and care, and are non-profit.
    The Siwel bid is a for-profit company with zero background in animal welfare and is affiliated with Ron Totten, known for animal killing and political cronyism. Only abusive people would choose Siwel for this crucial need. Enough said.

  2. smith

    Do the right thing,please. If you don’t I hope none of your family,friends or own pets ever get loose or become lost. Kiss them goodbye if THAT happens.

    1. admin

      Please send your comments to the decison makers in Fulton http://petadvocatesnetwork.org/wordpress/fulton-contact-info-suggested-phone-and-email-scripts-re-fulton-county-animal-services/

  3. Jose Jereus Bangcaya

    To our honourable decision-makers:
    Thank you for choosing Lifeline Animal Project in the bidding process. Dogs, cats, and indeed all animals possess life and they have no voice to express their sentiments as regards their right to live. You are their voice and their hope.

  4. Teresa Schaefer

    Please choose Lifeline Animal Project. Why would you bring on a group that does not have the experience and a shady track record? Don’t you want to see Fulton County Animal Control in the news for positive achievements instead of negative press because the place is being run horribly, funds are being misused, and animals are not being care for properly? Enough is enough and now is the opportunity to start over. Please choose Lifeline Animal Project. Thank you.

  5. Ruth

    Please select Lifeline! All animals deserve a chance…especially those who have had their lives put in danger by none other than irresponsible humans…we owe it to them to give them every chance for a happy life and loving families!

    1. admin

      Please sign and share the petition. Thanks!http://www.change.org/petitions/fulton-county-government-select-lifeline-animal-project-to-run-fulton-county-animal-services

  6. Joseph Freeman

    A heart, a brain, and a sense of common human decency is all that is necessary to Act for those that cannot speak or act for themselves. Do it for them……it’s the very human thing to do. Your ACTION will make the difference!

  7. Lisa

    I would like this to be heard!!!

  8. Deb

    Absolute lunacy that this is even a debate! Can anyone tell me WHY Ron Totten is taken seriously in any way? There has to be some back story that we, the general public, are not privy to. Our county’s (not to mention country’s) treatment of shelter animals is disgraceful. Please update us on tonight’s meeting outcome.

    1. admin

      I will be blogging about this in more detail but LifeLine won!

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