May 09

Jeromie Williams/Pet Pardons “I Have You Guys in my Sights” Continues Making Threats to Rescue

Jeromie More Threats May 2 2012

“I have you guys lined up in my sights”. One of the many tasteless threats Jeromie Williams/Pet Pardons continues to harass the OSD rescue with. This is particularly disturbing as this violent term alludes to shooting a target with a gun. It is also a hunter’s term, ironic since PP is ostensibly against hunting.

Listen to new Jeromie Williams threats made on May 2nd 2012 to a member of OSD at her home and again late in the evening.  He sounds like a broken record. He gives new bizarre excuses as why he refuses to give the rescues their money and instead keep it in his personal bank account. As an aside Jeromie has not disclosed all the “inside info” he allegedly has on the rescue, that serves as his new excuse not to turn the money over. Why doesn’t he show anyone his “proof”? Not only is it all ridiculous and fabricated but even if true that does not justify his keeping the money personally. Obviously not a very intelligent smoke screen.

The rescue has asked both he and Pet Pardons on numerous occasions to refund the donors if  PP won’t release the money to the rescue.  That alone proves the rescuers are not the ones with an integrity problem. PP has said they would but yet the money continues to remain in their personal possession and instead chooses to continue to harass and threaten the rescue. Jeromie on one hand accuses them of breeding the dogs on the way to their new homes (lol) yet still claims he wants to turn over the rest of the money.  So let’s see PP wouldn’t turn of the money to the rescue before, but now that they “found out” they are breeders ( they aren’t) PP wants to turn over the money. LOL! More mumbo jumbo just to keep their money, they have no intention of turning over another dime or refunding the donors.

He also makes an ageist comment about one of the fosters, stating because he is 70 he can’t care for dogs!

Regarding the excuse of the OSD not being a not for profit, the rescue is in the process of getting Canadian certification and does not make a profit or try to make a profit from it’s endeavors (unlike Pet Pardons which is formed as a profit making corporation)

Jeromie also rambled on about getting these good people arrested for scamming and harassing HIM – when he is the one doing it to them. The rescuer maintains her composure, sound credible and classy. If you view the operation sled dogs website and Facebook page that is consistent for them. Contrast this to Pet Pardon’s Canadian Director. He use more curses than a gangsta rap song. Then again so do Chris Hoar and Ashley Owen Hill. Also they are aware of his unacceptable behavior and condone it.  They are all equally liable for the alleged fraud.

Interestingly according to Chris Hoar’s attorney (a pet killer in her own right), Chris and Pet Pardons bear no responsibility for the ChipIn and had nothing to do with it and that it’s Jeromie Williams personal issue.That’s strange since the ChipIn was marketed on PP and says it is arranged by PP on it. In addition Chris Hoar stated he would match a certain % of the money raised by PP, although to my knowledge he has not fully done so if at all. (Jeromie alludes to that on this audio)

If you don’t have the time or the stomach to hear all of his bizarre nonsense here are the excerpts I found particularly reprehensible:

Jeromie Williams threats May 2nd 2012

“ I have your address I know where you live, if that shit is not taken down you will be in shit… I will come after.. tell your people to cut it the fuck out….I can destroy all of you at any given moment…..take your $1700 and shut the fuck up and go away…. you won’t win……fucking bullshit…….I suggest you take down that little site about Pet Pardons and me…… I have you guys lined up in my sights…. I also know where the transporter lives his name address and phone number…..”


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  1. Linda

    I wrote a letter to the AG Bridget Stark. I am asking for a formal investigation into Pet P and H+. I would like charges filed for posting misleading and untrue statements and pictures about the Fresno Horses. They are soliciting donations based on the need of a emergency situation. The horses are not starving. They were not given 60-85 horses. They were given in the range of 20 horses.

    I also spoke to Marc Bengimin from a local paper. He will not run a story about the rescues but is doing a story about Harold and his horses

    1. admin

      Good to know Linda. Thank you. Please keep us posted. Harold definitely was slandered and libeled by that crew. It’s not right! They also posted pics from Cowtown of horses that weren’t even theirs to raise funds off of.

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