Apr 21

The Truth About Pet Pardons – Scotlund Haisley

MORE Pet Pardons Scandals. Did you ever notice how Pet Pardons 99% of the time only raises money for their friends? ( And two of three of their friends also are principals of Pet Pardons. Lucky Dog Rescue and Horse Plus Humane) So in essence Pet Pardons benefits from the money raised for their friends. They are and their friends do NOT support No Kill initiatives – which is very weird for an organization that states it’s goal is to end the death of all shelter pets. Pet Pardons is not a non profit and refuses to be transparent about their finances. If anyone asks for an accounting they are blocked. The other 1% or very small % of the time they post chip ins on behalf of rescues not their friends they harass and threaten the rescues and try to keep some of the money for themselves. However this post is about their third main friend they hawk funds for, an admitted close personal friend of Chris Hoar, named Scotlund Haisley. Scot is another questionable character. He has been sued for deceit www.carrollcox.com/Documents/pangsuit.PDF and currently runs an organization that supposedly rescues pets but is mainly another money making machine that runs on sensationalism (Animal Rescue Corps), just like Pet Pardons. The real bombshell is yet again Scotlund Haisley’s actions and past show Pet Pardons is anything other than no kill. In fact, Animal Rescue Corps attack on rescues is in large part an attack on no kill organizations. Just read the lawsuit. They orchestrate attacks on rescues and make them look bad becasue they in part believe in no kill. Just like PETA. If you will note you never see a follow up on what happens to the pets they supposedly rescue. That is because they have them killed via the local “humane organizations” or sent to kill shelters. In fact they have been accused of abuse themselves – the lawsuit shows HSUS kept the animals without any food water or care in cages for 4 days to film them looking neglected!The goal is obviously to gain ego boosts and $ not to save pets.Yes Scot was a highly paid principal in HSUS who we know loves kill shelters and promotes them. Now the real shocker – a little known fact is that Scotlund was the shelter director for one of the worst most disgusting abusive shelters in the country – NYCACC in Manhattan. http://www.nathanwinograd.com/index.php?s=nycacc&x=0&y=0 DURING HIS REIGN THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PETS WERE KILLED and may I repeat he is NOT no kill nor does he believe in being no kill. The situation in NYCACC was so bad during in part ,Mr. Haisley’s tenure that the NY City Council did an 8 month investigation and issued a 61 page report detailing all the abuses titled “Dying for Homes” http://www.shelterreform.org/DyingForHomesPart4.html Scotlund admitted during his tenure there were ” serious problems with inadequate ventilation leading to the spread of disease, deteriorating cages, and insufficient drainage capacity resulting in weekly clogging of the drainage system” This is who and what you are supporting when you support Pet Pardons!

I’m just sayin…..


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  1. Nong Obieta

    Perhaps the title of this article should be changed to:

    The Truth About Pet Pardons and Scotlund Haisley

    As it is now, the title gives the impression that the article was written by Scotlund Haisley, which is what I thought before reading the article.

    Thanks for what you do.

    Nong Obieta

  2. Diane

    HSUS had no choice but to fire Haisley, but only after the sane members of the HSUS Emergency Response team quit in disgust – and only after the lawsuits that ex team member Randy Graves warned about were filed. So what does HSUS do? HSUS replaces Scotlund Haisley with his even creepier cohort, “Rowdy” Shaw. Who has a criminal record and violent history. Rambo wannabe Rowdy (no real first name available on the HSUS website…) Shaw was named in the Pang case AND was involved in the 2009 illegal raid and seizure of Dan Christensen’s dogs in South Carolina. That $5 million lawsuit will soon go to trial.

    Rowdy Shaw is now HSUS’s Lead Emergency Responder. And Dr. Rebecca Rhoades from the Pang case wrote HSUS’s ($19.95) best-selling Euthanasia Training Manual.

    How sick are these people?

    1. admin

      Do you happen to have a copy of the Euth Manual?

  3. Diane

    I do not have a copy, but countless kill shelters do. Just google “HSUS Euthanasia Training Manual.” Rebecca H. Rhoades is the author.. You can buy it on Amazon (not everyone gave it stellar grades) or through Humane Society University. It’s been out for more than a decade and is the only one on the market…..$19.99 x ____ = ___________.

    Next, google “Euthanasia Training DVD Set.” Just $399.

    How greedy does greedy get?

  4. Margaret Anonymous

    Humane euthanasia is a basic, compassionate necessity. Anyone opposed to it should elect to not have themselves euthanized, but should definitely not have any say in the humane euthanasia of companion animals and/or farmed animals who are unneccessarily suffering. As a former coworker of Scotlund Haisley, I can attest to his complete devotion to helping end animal suffering and to his incredible devotion to helping animals. He amazes me. On the other hand, I find most “no-kill” fanatics to be unreasonable and emotionally detached from the actual suffering of hoarder of wholly unvetted and definitely suffering animals. To say that a hoarding facility’s owner considers her facility to be a “hospice” only proves how much avoidance to veterinary care hoarders have. I.e., They don’t want to spend their donations on veterinary medicine expenses. The “no-kill” mentality sickens me, distresses me to no end, as it perpetuates the bizarre concept that animal suffering and deaths are acceptable, as long as humane euthanasia is avoided. Humane euthanasia is a gift to any living being who is being slowly neglected to death.

    1. admin

      I’m sure Scot is proud of his time spent with you “Biteme” and truthfully have no idea of how he is spending his time these past few years, and hope he is saving animals, but I think you don’t have a real understanding of the no kill philosophy. Not sure why it would sicken you to NOT kill animals that have hope and can be cured of their ills or saved. Humane euthanasia should be reserved for those animals that are suffering without hope and/or terminally ill. Not animals to be killed for convenience or space. Being a no kill advocates does not equate to one being a “hoarder” – read article on this blog regarding Hoarders. Hoarding is a mental illness and you are confusing (intentionally perhaps) that illness with having a no kill philosophy – which simply means instituting 11 steps at shelters to save more animals. Here the steps are – borrowed from our friends at No Kill GA https://nokillga.wordpress.com/about/11-steps-for-the-no-kill-equation/

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