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Pet Pardon’s Chip In’s Alleged Scams

Yep, there is one born every minute. No not talking about the alleged “overpopulation” myth hyped by Pet Pardons, but rather the suckers that continue to blindly to donate money to “chip ins” for any cause that Pet Pardons espouses.

After faithfully following my former Internet friend Chris Hoar, co-founder of Pet Pardons,I became increasingly concerned that the pet overpopulation myth was hyped by Pet Pardons, a Facebook app and website whose stated mission is to “end the killing & no more homeless pets by January 1, 2015”. In total contradiction to their stated reason for existence, Pet Pardons and their founders continue to give shelters a pass ( March 19th 2012 FB post) from killing although 3 – 4 million pets are killed in them every year. Equally incomprehensible is they know about but don’t support and don’t promote the cure for shelter deaths, the No Kill Equation that results in over 90% of open admission shelter animals lives being saved.

At the same time I became aware of the irony of Pet Pardons insistence on holding steadfast to myths that when perpetuated actually cause more shelter deaths, I started being concerned over the chip in’s they selectively promote on their Facebook page. There is no accountability for the chip in’s I have noted, so I started doing some digging to find out more about the causes they promote.

Last night one jumped out at me as being from one of their selective friends they “like” on FB ( another one being the horrific Robeson County shelter – go figure) Now although they do “like” the fantastic Austin Pets Alive responsible for the No Kill save of over 90% of Austin’s shelter pets, I have never seen Pet Pardons promote them at all unlike I have the organization that has given me pause for concern, Horse Plus Humane Society.

Horse Plus Humane caught my eye with their plea promoted by Pet Pardons on FB “Right now, this mule is standing at a livestock auction where killer buyers are waiting to ship horses and mules to slaughter. He has tears coming down his face, crying for help. Help Horse Plus Humane Society save him, and others just like him. YOu can just text “GIVE 10279″ to 80088 to donate $10 to help save him from slaughter.” (Emphasis added) This gave me some hoax type vibes as I don’t trust sites that try to manipulate the public into giving them money.

So First of all mules don’t cry. Secondly just had a bad vibe. I checked it out and sure enough this “rescue” is a scam at worst and at best a very high kill facility. Even on their website they go on and on about how great “euthanasia” is and state straight up that if horses are not highly adoptable they will be killed – they call it the “ultimate last gift of kindness” the reports state they kill between 70 – 90% they take in. Plus they only have 13 horses up for adoption of so many they allegedly save! This mule does not look highly adoptable… There are many reports on how unethical and neglectful this rescue is. http://greatnonprofits.org/reviews/norcal-equine-rescue .

There is a petition to close this rescue down because they pulled this same scam before. In fact people are so concerned they formed a yahoo group “This group is for the people concerned over the unethical and neglectful rescue called NorCal Equine Rescue or Horse Plus Humane Society” http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/HorsePlusHumane/?v=1&t=directory&ch=web&pub=groups&sec=dir&slk=2

Even more horror stories about them but because Pet Pardons and Chris Hoar told them to donate people are pouring in the cash regardless.

So all of this is a concern over the horse chip in’s legitimacy, but pales in comparison to the concerned citizens investigation into the outrageous activities of Jeromie Williams, Director of Pet Pardons Canada. He is being accused of posting fraudulent Chip Ins on Pet Pardons that are really his personal accounts and not sending the money to the posted causes, creating FB aliases to build more support for his faked Chip Ins and graphically, misogynistcally, and violently threatening journalist Kim Johnston, her dogs and children because she exposed his nefarious scam like behavior.

So my point of this blog is that please follow Jeromie William’s – Director of Pet Pardons Canada highly ironic but great advice that seemingly needs to apply to him and just as aptly Pet Pardons:

  • WARNING: please be careful of fraud being committed online using ChipIn. Unless you see a ChipIn being promoted on a legitimate website for a legitimate charity, do not give them your money. There are many people who are circulating ChipIns on Facebook and saying it is for animal rescue when really it is just to make money preying on unsuspecting animal lovers. If a ChipIn is not connected to a legitimate charity, be careful!”
  • “Chip-In’s are the new scam of the internet predator, BUT not all chip-in’s are fraudulent, you must do your homework, donate ONLY to a trusted source or a 501(c)”
  • “As I have said before unless you know the rescue, or the chip in goes directly to a vet, it is never a good idea to donate, you never know who these people are and she is an example of the underbelly that seeks to steal your money, and let down these dogs! Very sad!”

Maybe the Chip Ins and  motives of Pet Pardons need a second look or to be examined more closely?

I’m just sayin’.







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  1. Jeromie Williams

    I’d like to invite you to make your article less one sided and actually include something from myself or Pet Pardons in your article.

    1. admin

      By all means Jeromie you are welcome to answer the allegations. I promote fair discussion unlike Chris that blocks people that question him or disagree with him.

      1. Linda

        That has happened to me many times on the FB site of H+ and Pet P. What do you have to HIDE?

  2. Debra Dias

    Thank you so much for this article. Many people question this rescue (Horse Plus) but the comments are deleted from their Facebook pages. They use public media to solicit donations (just as you say with tear jerking stories) and censor those who question their true motives. I appreciate this so much and will share, share, share.

    P.S.: I submitted a public records act request for the name of their Legal Counsel. HPHS is threatening to turn over discrediting emails to their legal counsel. I need to have a talk with their attorney regarding the fraudulent claims they make, i.e., that they are the largest horse rescue in the world! Why not just claim to be the largest in the Galaxy!

    1. admin

      Thanks Debra, please further enlighten the readers about what you know about them firsthand.

      1. Linda

        The slander was by H+. I personnaly went out to the horses and spoke to the owner on several occasions!! I also spoke to 2 news reporters one of which called me. The other I contacted. We all have freedom of speach. Strong holding and Threatning those who speak up will not hold up in a court of law. Debra one of the blogs on here posted the counsels name for one of the rescues. I assume they use the same attorney, but not sure

  3. Jeromie Williams

    Send me an email and we’ll talk.

    1. admin

      Is there a reason you need me to follow up with you privately and you cannot respond in this open forum? I don’t mind – just asking.

  4. Horse Her0

    Yes, I believe a CLOSED yahoo group that has a whopping 25 members before I believe the worlds largest animal welfare organization dedicated to horses.

    Get your math right is my suggestion. You can see their euthanasia statistics right on their website, they absolutely do not hide anything. The 70-90% euthanasia rate is so wrong it ruins your credibility as an author.

    But hey, bash away, the killer buyers need some friends some where.

    1. admin

      Can you provide a link to the “euthanasia” stats on their website?

      Also I only relayed what was reported. In addition there are reviews and comments about them on the web on various review websites as well as a petition against them. Why does the largest horse rescue only have 13 horses up for adoption? They just took in I believe 14 more so I will be tracking to see if they are placed up for adoption, which as of yet none are on their website.

      1. Debra Dias

        Sorry about the multiple posts. The site is slow. The euthanasia rates are usually discussed in their blog. You can find the latest on their facebook page and I believe they were posted around the 1st. Look at their categories and try to figure out why the horses were put down. One, a young healthy colt, that apparently had wonderful ground manners was put down because he was a cryp and they said the surgery would cost $1500. According to them they will only spend $1,000. Many rescues are having gelding clinics and accept the cryps at a cost of between $45 and $75. The “natural cause” death is I believe one of the “baby” horses that they “rescued.” No shelter for the sick young horse? Just wondering.

        Most of their hay and feed is donated, or, additional funds are collected as “needed.” They have 20 acres without barns, just some covered corrals that blow down with each windy day.

      2. Horse Her0

        For 1st quarter 2012 –

        For 2011 –

        (For those that are unwilling to click:
        2011: Euthanasia rate: 4%.
        2012, 1st quarter: 0% euthanasia rate.

        Please, show me ONE OTHER horse welfare organization that is so transparent. Just one. I would love to meet them.

        (By euthanasia rate, I mean just how every other organization judges its euthanasia rate, by the need to euthanize healthy animals that would find a home if space was not a consideration.)

        1. Debra Dias

          These are their claimed euthanasia rates for healthy horses. However, they put healthy stallions in the category of dangerous and that way they don’t have to account for them as healthy horses. They put healthy seniors in the category of seniors/unhealthy, and therefore they are not accounting for those horses as being put down while healthy. You obviously have not watched this group for long. Start your own accounting. What about their recently putting down the well-trained, healthy stallion because he was a cryp and would cost them $500 more than they were willing to spend? Is he showing up as a healthy horse being put to sleep. No. He’s in the dangerous category even though he wasn’t dangerous. There are two kinds of statistics. The kind you look up and the kind you make up. HPHS makes theirs up and people like you fall for it.

    2. Debra Dias

      The are not the largest horse rescue in the world. They group the horses they put down into two categories: Dangerous and senior/unhealthy. Stallions are always dangerous and seniors are always unhealthy. I have watched this group for years, when they were still NorCal, and even believed in them. But, then I started noticing how many horses they took in just disappeared. When they get media coverage, I will be right there, telling the world the truth..if they horses they take in are not adopted, and soon, they will be put down. They do not provide long term care and they do not provide sanctuary.

      1. Horse Her0

        What other horse welfare organization rescues as many or more horses per year from slaughter? Name it!

        1. Debra Dias

          Rescues and kills like HPHS, or rescues and gives life to? Those that rescue and give life to, try TBFriends, Grace Foundation, Safe Haven…that’s three off the top of my head in NorCal. Then there’s Valley View, Shiloh Foundation….Do you want names of rescues in other states?

    3. Debra Dias

      The are not the largest horse rescue in the world. They group the horses they put down into two categories: Dangerous and senior/unhealthy. Stallions are always dangerous and seniors are always unhealthy. I have watched this group for years, when they were still NorCal, and even believed in them. But, then I started noticing how many horses they took in just disappeared. When they get media coverage, I will be right there, telling the world the truth..if they horses they take in are not adopted, and soon, they will be put down. They do not provide long term care and they do not provide sanctuary.

    4. Debra Dias

      The are not the largest horse rescue in the world. They group the horses they put down into two categories: Dangerous and senior/unhealthy. Stallions are always dangerous and seniors are always unhealthy. I have watched this group for years, when they were still NorCal, and even believed in them. But, then I started noticing how many horses they took in just disappeared. When they get media coverage, I will be right there, telling the world the truth..if they horses they take in are not adopted, and soon, they will be put down. They do not provide long term care and they do not provide sanctuary.

  5. Debra Dias

    You can get more information regarding the amounts of donations received by Horse Plus Humane by going to two websites: Guidestar, provides copies of their 990s, which is the tax forms they file with the IRS. I am checking to see how to obtain more recent filings. The 990 is a financial perspective (does not provide details on how the money is spent which is why an audit is necessary). Also, the 990 lists the board of directors (three people–none local–and none that I could google or find on facebook. More research needed there.) Jason, the husband, is the ceo and agent for service of process. No attorney listed. The state version of this form can be viewed on the website for the California Attorney General’s office. You must search by their old name of Norcal Horse Rescue, or,their tax exempt identification number of 20-1156396. Thank you Pet Advocates Network!

  6. Hope for Horses

    Horse Plus iformerly Nor Cal Equine rescue the biggest FRAUD around . Who cares what excuse they make for buying the horses . They buy horses and sell them and pretend they were all going to be slaughtered if not for them. Then when the horse doesn’t sell right away they go buy more so their dumb followers throw more money at them
    It is very clearly pure .
    Save the horses from Horse Plus is more like it.

  7. AARR

    I for one am so tired of people bashing Chris. He has helped our rescue group many times. Alison just because he deleted you after you making very negitive comments on his personal page, doesn’t mean you have to bash him like what they are doing isn’t helping. If it was not for Chris and Pet Pardons a few months back, our rescues would have been without Food and Litter Supplies, when no one else would share our Chipin for a Transport that saved 100+ Cats/Kittens and Dogs/Puppies. CHRIS donated the full amount needed for the transport. All you are doing is hurting the animals by trying to ruin everything that Pet Pardons has done for many rescues out there. And the only reason you are personally attacking Chris and Pet Pardons is because he hurt your pride by deleting and blocking you. Way to go for making it hard for any rescue needing help to get it. Pet Pardons has helped our rescue without EVER asking for anything in return. People need to grow up and realize this is about the helpless and voiceless animals that need help, and not their wounded pride. Just because someone does not believe as you do, does not make them a fraud.

    1. admin

      Thank you for admitting Pet Pardons active role in backing your fraud. For viewers unaware, AARR Animal Aid Rescue and Resources in Andalusia AL (Sharlotte Higgins Adams)put up fraudulent chipins https://www.facebook.com/pages/Animal-Aid-Rescue-and-Resources-Inc/277168492308170?ref=ts&fref=ts and wishlists that were heavily promoted by Pet Pardons despite being advised that it was probably a scam. The various Chipins and wishlists asked for over $30000 to be donated. The chipin claimed that they had a storage facility broken into and robbed, by nefarious breeders that had a personal grudge, then burned all their food,that the storage owner refused to pay the full amount and would only reimburse them 50%, that they and the storage owner filed police reports, that the police have arrested the culprits, and that their animals are on the verge of starving because of the theft, nor can they take in anymore from deathrow. The slight problem is that NONE of this happened as alleged. The storage facility and the police have verified this. There is an entire discussion of this going on over at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Good-the-Bad-the-Unforgivable-of-Animal-Rescue/344666565559561?ref=ts&fref=ts by the Good, Bad and Unforgivable of Rescues that have thoroughly investigated this fraud and reported on it.

      1. terri wolfe

        i wonder how the chosen few are actually chosen?

  8. Sharon Dee

    Two years ago, I came upon the Pet Pardons page, and began networking a dog, Sparkie, in order to save him from certain death. There was a chipin for him to be used by rescue or transport etc. There was a woman on the East Coast who said that she would like to adopt him….I offered to help with transport and foster….on his last day, this person of interest disappeared from the page! I called the shelter, and asked them to hold Sparkie for the three day “stay of execution”…..I contacted a puller in the L.A. area, who agreed to pull Sparkie, and then a friend of a friend here in MN went to the shelter to take him and put him on a Delta flight to MN for me. I was in touch with the shelter for three days., and did plenty of sweating for this boy. I paid for everything, but when I went to ask for the chip in money, the woman who had “set up” the chipin, did not want to give it to me….I contacted Pet Pardons, and gave them the riot act….as it was costing me just under $600. to get Sparkie to safety in MN. In Pet Pardon’s defense, and even though they told me that “anyone” can set up a chip in on their site…..they were not part of this scam….I did get some of the money to help with my expenses, and Sparkie is a cherished member of our family now. Pet Pardon’s needs to supervise better who puts the chip ins on their page. I give them the credit for saving my Sparkie.

    1. admin

      Firstly Sharon I commend your for your valiant life saving efforts on behalf of Sparkie. I am not sure why you are giving credit to Pet Pardons however, when you networked, rescued, transported him, intervened long distance with the shelter and arranged for him to get pulled. All they did was set up or allow setup of a scam chipin that gave you a false sense or assurance that you would get reimbursed.

      1. Sharon Dee

        I gave them credit for posting my Sparkie on Pet Pardons….if I did not come across the post, Sparkie would be dead, and what a loss that would have been, because he is the sweetest, most special boy you could ever ask for….that’s all…I don’t give money to chip ins any more, unless I really know the people involved….rescues in CA, and other places, scam money out of people too….posting a dog that will be killed in 24 hours etc…to gain sympathy and money to save him….I fell for one of those in GA, and actually found rescue here in Minnesota for the dog…worked night and day for three days, and then when I had secured the transport and rescue of the dog, they said that a “local” rescue had taken him….these are scams, and I don’t care what anyone says…there are a lot of scams when it comes to animals, because they know that animal lovers will give away the farm to help save dogs and cats who will be murdered in one of our pounds (I refuse to call them shelters). I have another dog, named, Honey…a deer Chihuahua or Techichi….I had been trying to save yet another CA dog…a little Chi named Sparklett….had all my friends, family, etc. chip in etc. to get her out of the pound….when all the money was in, and the rescue could pull her, everyone disappeared….they would not answer my messages, posts…nothing….come to find out they had already pulled this dog…when another friend tried to get her for me, they switched dogs, and sent me one that was probably going to be put down, due to behavior issues…that was my “Honey”….who had been feral/street dog….I have had her two years, and there is none sweeter now…I had to work with her, and tame her a little, but mostly love her, and gain her trust…she is great now, and I love both of my little CA rescues. Scammers are everywhere though…so just so they are a 501(c), does not mean that they are on the up and up.

        1. admin

          Have you noticed that Pet Pardons no longer even pretends they have an app that works? That was their claim to fame and their alleged ability to end shelter pets deaths. If you go to the link http://apps.facebook.com/petpardons this is what you will find “This link has been reported as abusive. The link you’re trying to go to has been reported as abusive by others on Facebook. For your safety, we’ve blocked it. Learn more about keeping your account secure.”

  9. admin

    You need to do your research the shelter is closed to “adoptions” and guess what that means to all the dogs currently there??? Knock knock brainiac they are killing them all. Oh and they have very shoddy sanitizing as a distemper outbreak that affects all the pets is due to only that. http://www.robesonian.com/view/full_story/18311584/article-Animal-shelter-remains-closed? You are another killing apologist. The point is all of the principals of Pet Pardons constantly make excuses for the shelters, don’t ever post anything negative about any of them even where there are horrific abuses, and do not promote no kill solutions. If that is saving animals I’m a monkeys uncle. Pet Pardons is nothing more than a glorified Pet Finders – which saves many more pets than they do. Pet Pardons exists to sensationalize and advertise and make themselves money and get glory and ego boosts.

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