Feb 25

Pet Advocates Network


Pet Advocates Network is a project focused on bettering homeless pets across various platforms.

It includes high quality Internet resources and utilizes social media to present concerns, options and solutions for homeless pets.

One goal is to be public inclusive with interactive media.

What can you expect to see?

  • Shows with shelters/rescues and their adoptable pets
  • Interviews with leading animal advocates
  • Updates and discussions on political advocacy
  • Current laws pending that affect animal rights/ welfare
  • Presentations of products and software in our industry
  • Central reservoir for pet oriented blogs
  • Access to seminars books and reviews, and much more.

Due to it’s encompassing centralized all things homeless pet focus there will be a great opportunity for participants to reach an ever widening audience for maximum presence and ability to go virile in an explosive way. Twitter @petadvocatesnet or email petadvocatesnetwork@gmail.com