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How Tight Is Too Tight? Finding a Waist Trainer That Fits You Well

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Waist training may sound like a very loaded term, but it is actually one of the easiest and most convenient types of body shaping regime there may be. All you have to do is wear the waist trainer and go about your day — including eating a healthy diet and getting some exercise. A modern-day corset that helps you strengthen your core, improves your posture and motivates you to stay in shape.

Woman with Pink Hair

 But getting the right size can sometimes be tricky. So here’s what you need to know!

Snug but Not Too Tight

The perfect fit is one that is snug but does not fit too tightly. For a waist trainer to work, it needs to be tight in order for it to shape your body well. If it is loose, you will not get the desired result. But if it is too tight, it can get problematic too. If after wearing the waist trainer for a few hours, you notice that the metal wires and contraptions inside the waist trainer seams have left light marks on your body, it means the waist trainer is tight.

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But if these marks are too aggressive or if it is cutting too deep into your skin, it could lead to other complications too. But doesn’t this sound like a Goldilocks conundrum? How many bowls of porridge till you find one that is "just right?" There are some useful tips for figuring out if your waist trainer is the right size for you.

How to Tell If It’s the Right Fit?

Just like with clothes, a waist trainer also needs to be tried on. You will not know if it is the right size for you unless you try it. So put it on and give it a go. The first time is bound to be hard. There is a good chance that you may even need some assistance to get it on. But if after you managed to slip into it, it still feels unbearably uncomfortable, it is too tight. The following are some ways to tell if you are wearing the right size.

Measure Yourself

The first is the most obvious and scientific. If you know your measurements, you should be able to find a waist trainer that is just right for you. You will need a measurement of the following things to figure out the size of your waist trainer:

Tape Measure
  • Full bust (only if you are looking for an overbust waist trainer)
  • Underbust
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Torso

Even while taking your measurements, ensure the measuring tape is snug but not too tight. If you are an experienced waist trainer, you can easily go for a band 4-6 inches smaller than your waist size. For a newbie, a waist size 2-4 inches smaller should do.


If you put on the waist trainer but are having severe trouble breathing, you do not need an expert to tell you that it is too tight. You need to trade up for a size bigger. The waist trainer needs to be tight, sure, but that does not mean you need to give up your ability to breathe. This will only be detrimental to your waist training regime.

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Besides, if you have trouble breathing for a long time, you may also start feeling faint and unwell. This is not the objective of wearing the waist trainer. Waist training is meant to make your lifestyle healthier but not at the cost of your breath!

Be Comfortable

This is of utmost importance but it is also a bit confusing. The confusion arises when you first try it on. It can certainly feel a bit tight the first time and you may even need a friend or a partner’s help to put it on. But once it is on, it should not restrict your movements to the extent that you cannot exercise at all. 

Reading a Book

After all, the point of waist training is also to strengthen your core. But if you cannot move at all or are having trouble sitting down or raising your arms, there is no point.

So even if putting it on the first time can be a task, the waist trainer should still be only snug enough that it hugs your form but gives you the freedom to move.

Try the First Hook

Whenever you are buying a waist trainer, try the first hook. If you can get the first, albeit, with some difficulty, the waist trainer is probably a good size. If getting the first hook takes too much of an effort, the waist trainer is too tight. If you can get to the third hook with absolute ease, the waist trainer is too loose.

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Why it is recommended that you buy a waist trainer that just about sits on the first hook is so that you can work towards the next hooks. This will also allow the waist trainer to last you longer.

Go up a Size

When in doubt, go up a size. If it is not your perfect size but feels slightly loose, it is still going to be tight enough to at least serve its purpose. But if you end up buying a size too small, you will end up feeling uncomfortable and worse, you can even injure yourself or do some damage to your body, which is completely avoidable. So if you are feeling extremely uncertain about whether the one you have tried on is the right size for you, try a size bigger and see if you feel more comfortable wearing that one.

Final Thoughts

A waist trainer is a great way to incorporate some discipline into your lifestyle. Not only is it a great way to get into shape, but you will also stay on track with your exercise regime, watch your diet and improve your posture too, all while increasing your core strength. The best part is that you can do your waist training at any time of the day.

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If you went out for a morning walk, do it while wearing your waist trainer. If you are going to be sitting at your desk all day at work, do it while wearing your waist trainer. In fact, even while doing household chores or while picking up after your kids, roommates, spouse, you can continue waist training and not even feel the pressure of missing your work out session. So find a waist trainer that suits you best and get started!