How to Wear a Corset with Jeans

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While the rise of the corset can be traced back to the 18th and 19th centuries, it did not always enjoy the best reputation in the history of fashion. But in recent years, the corset has come back into the fashion scene with a bang and is more wearable than ever.

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Today, the varied corset styles — including fabric lace-ups, corset belts and t-shirt styles — offer many ways to wear the corset and look great without gasping for air.

What Are Corsets?

A corset is basically a type of garment, which has been used by women over the ages. It is made of flexible but sturdy fabric, usually cotton, leather or satin. It is reinforced by steel boning that offers strength to cinch your waist and highlight the hip and bust curves.

Typically, corsets are tightened and then laced on the back. They are designed in a way that they fit your midsection and depending on your preference, you can choose either an overbust or underbust corset.

Types of Corsets

Corsets vary in terms of their materials, style, shape and fit and you have overbust or underbust corsets. Also, corsets can be made with steel or plastic boning.

Overbust Corsets

Overbust corsets start under your arms and end above the hips. The overbust corset lifts the breasts and helps to reduce the waist. Overbust corsets also provide great back support. You can wear an overbust corset with your everyday wear or wear it on a special evening out.

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Wearing an overbust corset with a pair of heels is sure to give you a “wow” posture and look. Some of the very popular overbust corsets are:

  • Bustier
  • Cupped corset
  • Lingerie corset
  • Sweetheart neckline corset
  • Flat-front style corset

Underbust Corsets

The underbust corset starts under the bust and ends at the start of your thigh. There are many styles and materials of underbust corsets that are available such as PVC or leather. However, for beginners, a cotton underbust corset with removable garters is most recommended.

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The best thing about an underbust corset is that it gives you a great figure, it is great for posture because it gives good back support and it is extremely versatile. You can wear an underbust corset under your clothes for support and you can also wear it over your clothes as a fashion accessory.

Some of the popular types of underbust corsets are:

  • Bodice
  • Cincher
  • Longline
  • Waspie
  • Corsets with wide straps  

In recent years, a very popular street style that has emerged is wearing a corset with jeans. This is a really sexy style that exudes the 90s vibe and is taking the fashion world by storm. So, the question is how to wear a corset with jeans?

Well, if you want to know how to wear a corset with jeans, read on for some great tips.

How to Wear a Corset with Jeans

Well to wear a corset with jeans, here are a few things to remember and you have a really snazzy and good-looking outfit for you to hit the town in.

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Find the Right Kind of Corset

The first thing to do is that you should find the right type and style of corset. Jeans can be really tricky and so, the key is to find the perfect match that suits your personal style. You must consider which style of a corset will suit your type of body.

If your breasts are small or medium, then you can choose an overbust corset that will cover your bust. If you want your waist to be emphasized, then choose an underbust corset. An underbust corset is more versatile as you can wear it on any kind of clothes apart from just wearing them with jeans.

The other things to consider are the material and color of the corset. Choose a neutral-colored corset that will go with all other colored clothing in your closet.  

With Jeans

If you’re looking for a casual street-style look then you can pair your corset with denim jeans, which will help to keep your look grounded, as well as practical. You can decide to pair the corset with a high-waist or low-waist jeans depending on whether you like some skin on show or not. Jeans with a waist that will overlap with the bottom of your corset is also a good option.

All you need to do is place the corset on the waistband of the jeans without tucking it inside, as this could damage the bones of the corset. If you’re not very comfortable about exposing your shoulders, then you can throw on a floral blazer for a girly and casual chic look.

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With Trousers

Like a pair of low-waisted jeans, trousers can also be a great choice with a corset because the trouser sits low on your waist. Wearing trousers with a wide waistband can offer greater padding and comfort for the hips. You could also consider wearing a pair of trousers, a corset and a blazer for a cool, professional look.

A slim-fitting pair of trousers will also look great with a corset. You could consider wearing skinny leather trousers with a corset or a leather corset with a pair of black or white low-waisted pants.

With Leggings

You can also wear leggings with a corset and you can tuck the leggings under the corset, which will give you greater comfort because of the legging’s elastic waistband. Leggings with a corset also look great when paired with a blazer and a pair of high heels.

Wear a Blazer or Jacket

You may want to add to your outfit by wearing a blazer or a jacket over your corset and jeans. A black blazer can help to offset a lacy lingerie-style corset. This can give your outfit a semi-formal, ultra-chic look.

Wear Pumps or Heels

A corset and jeans paired with a pair of high heels, pumps or ankle-length boots can give you a really ultra-cool and elegant look. Skinny jeans with a corset and high heels look especially very classy and sexy.

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Corsets are not simply undergarments that you must hide under your clothes. Corsets have become extremely popular over the years as women have discovered how versatile this garment is. Not only is it a great way to get a killer curve, but today, corsets are being used more fashionably. And now that you know the ways of how to wear a corset with jeans, you can now flaunt your sexy corset to make a fashion statement.